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” Do something today that your future self will thank you ” Dr Joe Dispenza

Life is more than having only a physical and mental health. It is more about experiencing life, relationship with the nature, environment, people. The coping strategies with the routine stress of everyday life and bouncing back from sickness and problems.

Healing comes with our ability to thrive back. The key is the thought itself , the trust itself and the love of life itself initiate the process of healing. Everything heals. Our body, mind, wound, disease heals. Hard times do come. But good times always come.



Life is about starting each day with new thoughts, new strength and be open to endless possibilities. The more we keep our mind open, the more we can receive. Happiness is a state of being. It doesn’t come from outside but comes from within.

The 3 H: Health, Happiness, Healing is a blog about matters that interest me and may interest you as well that would help deal with everyday life. The intention is committed to enhancing life and better health.

14 thoughts on “You go to the source :

  1. Hi Dr Juri,
    Nice to meet you here and to see a blog that, particularly recently, resonates with me.
    Thank you so much for visiting and liking so many of my posts.
    From the age of 16yrs -55yrs I worked in the national health service as a nurse, midwife and Health Visitor.

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Glad to hear from you and thank you so much for following my blog.
      I am an Indian dr who has experience of almost 15 years in health, wellness sector and also in health insurance. I have been shifted in the Netherlands since last year due to my husband’s job.
      Since then, following my writing passion.

      1. Good to hear from you too. Over the years I have worked with many Indian doctors whose professionalism, interpersonal skills (courtesy) and knowledge were second to none.
        I look forward to our journey.

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