Post : Love your daily dose of yogurt. 7 wonderful benefits:

Natural yogurt is just a common item in the fridge of every household. To have it everyday , gives you so much of health benefits that the next time even if you don’t feel like having it , but still you will have it.

7 wonderful benefits;

  1. Good for your skin, nourishes your complexion as it contains lactic acid. It also nourishes hair.
  2. It is good to prevent hypertension ( good source of potassium) and control cholesterol level.
  3. It is good for digestion as it contains probiotics (friendly bacteria) and hence lower risk for colorectal cancers.
  4. It strengthen the immune system and helps fight infection.
  5. It is rich in calcium so good for bone health and prevent osteoarthritis.
  6. It is a good source of omega 3 which the vegetarian people can benefit.
  7. It support weight management as it is rich in protein. Protein helps in metabolism by burning the extra calories throughout the day.

But not all yogurt varieties are good. Flavoured yogurt, processed yogurt, sweetened yogurt are not very much favourable. Natural yogurt is the best.

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