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Hello everyone. this is the first time , I have been nominated for this particular award. I have been nominated by

I am very thankful to him. And I genuinely appreciate him. I follow his blog regularly. He writes beautiful poems and ‘writes ups’ about life, inspiration and also about the nature. It’s really appreciative for someone like him who is a student to be sensitive to such topics. I applaud him for that.

As per the nomination, he has asked some 11 questions which I am answering…

1.I always had a passion for writing. Working in health sector is a busy life so I have taken a break for sometime as I am in my forties and trying to follow my passion. 

2.I am spiritual person , so I give utmost importance to the divine power. 

3.I think my family loves me the most, my son and my husband. Since, I live in the Netherlands, Indian food aren’t common here. So, I love eating fresh fruits and berries.

4.I don’t play any game. But I love watching lawn tennis. 

5. Well, my best friend is my husband. I do have a couple of close school friends still in touch.

6.Yes, I do meditation daily for a couple of minutes in the morning. It gives me so much peace.

7.There are lot of greeneries here. So, walking down the nature, gives me peace. I firmly believe in healthy living.

8.Yes, I like helping people as far as I can. I have helped people number of times both professionally and personally. Right now, I am being a moral support to my mother after my father’s demise. 

9.I like science and studied science.

10. Well, I don’t have a pet.

11. I think I have no advice to give you, sngms. You are already a wonderful person. Like I advice my son, continue being a good human being in life, don’t let success or failure effect you. Both are temporary. 

Thanks everyone for reading.

Much love.💐

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  1. Congratulations 💐, Great Answers.I am being a moral support to my mother after my father’s demise…It is Divine Work. Thank You So much for accepted my Nomination 🙏😊

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