Post : Liebster award nomination !

Hello friends, I have been nominated for the Liebster award for the second time by I genuinely appreciate him and is thankful to him for the nomination. Jay writes beautiful poetries. I have been following his blog for quite sometime time and enjoy reading his poetries.

Rules for the award 

  • Nominated blogger has to convey thanks to the person who has nominated him/her.
  • Have to answer 11 questions asked by the person who has nominated him/her.
  • The nominated blogger has to nominate other bloggers.
  • The nominated blogger has to prepare his/her 11 questions and ask those to the people he/she nominates.

The questions that he has asked are …

1.What or who is the person you think you will be devastated without ?

I think my family means everything to me. So, the question is answered.

2. How did you start blogging ?

I am passionate about sharing my thoughts on life, health and healing. So, WordPress gives the platform to do so.

3. Favourite food.

I love fresh fruits and all colourful berries.

4. Besides blogging what work you do ?

Professionally , I am a doctor, a health personnel.

5. Do you believe that Ghost exist ?

No, I don’t believe in Ghost. But I believe we have a spirit within all of us.

6. How many members you have in your family ?

Three members, me, my husband and our son.

7. Do you practice meditation ?

Yes, I do practice meditation daily.

8. Are you concerned about water crisis ? If yes than what measures you have been taking to save water ? It may be a small step.

Yes, I am concerned about our environment. I never forget to put off the tap after use wherever I go. I make sure, to put off all lights and taps , whenever I step out of the house.

9. Do you think moral education should be taught along with academic in our school ?

Only teaching moral education in school doesn’t work. Moral values should be taught and inculcated in the child from an early age at both home and at school.

10. If you become the Prime Minister or President of your country for a day, what changes will you bring ?

I would provide free education for all and equal health services available for both rich and poor.

11. Favourite song ?

I love old ABBA songs.

My nominees are

Happiness Inn (Prashanti Alluri)




Traveller with purpose

Pritam Bora

Arun Arpan

the list is long…..

My questions are

  1. What in life, you value most ?
  2. What is your meaning of life, your personal opinion ?
  3. What does happiness mean to you ?
  4. How much importance money holds in your life?
  5. How do you define your nature ?
  6. How much importance do you give to other people’s opinion ?
  7. Do you love travelling ?
  8. Do you give importance to healthy living ?
  9. Are you a fitness freak ?
  10. What is your favourite cuisine ?
  11. What is your favourite drink ?

Thanks a lot for reading.

Much love 💐

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