Post: Self Control ✋

Hello Everyone, Hope you are doing great! Have a wonderful day. God Bless 🙏

26 thoughts on “Post: Self Control ✋

  1. Good morning drjurisharma, how’s your families and business,friends Every Life is Special.I love the comments.Health is Wealth. Let’s us saves lives from ( Asthma) deadly diseases

    1. Asthma has no cure. But yes, it can be well managed by steroids, bronchodilators and anti inflammatory. Lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, staying away from dust, pollutants surely helps a lot. Take care. God Bless !

  2. That kid is so cute.

    Yes, self-control doesn’t have to be painful. People tend to think of denying themselves when it comes to self-control, but many forms of art like dancing require self-control too. It all depends on whether you celebrate the results of your self-control.

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