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Today, I wanted to write something about this amazing but underrated fluid called bile inside our body without which our normal digestion process get distrupted. We only come to know about it’s importance when we land up in a physician’s clinic with an Β abdominal pain. Bile is a yellowish green fluid which is released from the liver and stored in the gall bladder. The main purpose of bile is to breakdown the dietary fat and help in absorption. Bile is mainly comprised of bilirubin (a product from red blood cells), bile salts and cholesterol. The gall bladder store and keep the bile concentrated.

Bile is very important because it helps in the digestion process. The food we eat every day, get mixes up with the bile and digestive fluids and help in the absorption of nutrients. It also helps to dispose of some of the wastes like excess cholesterol and haemoglobin which are released from destroyed red blood cells. Therefore, it is very necessary to run the digestive process in everyday life.

So, when there is bile deficiency, we develop many symptoms and consequently diseases in the long run. Instead of going elaborate, let me give you some important symptoms that you may suffer while having bile deficiency :


1. Jaundice, itching
2. Gall stones, the commonest symptom is colicky pain. (causes bile duct obstruction)
3. Fatty liver ( abdomen swelling, weight loss, lack of appetite)
4. Fat-soluble vitamin deficiency (Vitamin D, E, K, A)
5. Bloating (burping, belching).
6. Constipation
7. Light coloured stool ( as the fat remain undigested)

Consequently, the diseases following bile duct obstruction can be cholangitis, biliary stricture, cysts, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis and severe liver damage.


Therefore, how do we maintain our bile acid level (normal range is 0 – 10 micromole) and stay away from all these troubles? The most important answer is maintaining our diet.


Dietary sources are mainly
4.Beetroots, tops
6. Betaine. Common sources are sweet potatoes, spinach, quinoa, wheat bran, beet.
7.Choline. Common sources are chicken, salmon, eggs, low-fat dairy, broccoli, green peas.
Pure bile salt supplements are recommended only under Physician’s guidance.

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  1. β™‘ Thank You Doctor, much appreciated; as I Evolve I AM past all of that now…so, now, having transcended I wish you all well; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that just as it did as a baby My AutoImmune System is Working Just Fine Again


  2. β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    β—‡ Did YOU!!! ALL KNOW!!! EveryOne that, SomeTimes Medical, ‘Experts’ just Guess with Trial and Error or Outright Lie KNOWING!!! that there is NOTHING!!! Wrong with YOU!!!; did YOU!!! even KNOW!!! πŸ€” ?

    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡


  3. Excellent post!

    But question. If bile is stored in the gall bladder, what happens when the gall bladder is removed? My sis had hers removed years ago and has had nothing but stomach issues since. Thanks!

    1. Okay that’s a good question. When gall bladder is removed, the bile from liver goes directly to the intestine to mix with food and digest the fat. The gall bladder only store the bile πŸ€—
      Anyway, thank you so much for the like 😊

  4. Thank you Doctor for sharing. There is quite a lot I did not know about the digestive system. Learned a lot about how my body works.

  5. I am ‘familiar’ with bile first of all because my husband has Gilbert’s syndrome, then because my son (perhaps because of how he eats or will be hereditary: did my mother-in-law suffer from it?) was operated on to the colicists to eliminate only one large calculation ..

    1. Yes, I can absolutely understand your state in the family. As far as your husband’s Gilbert syndrome is concerned, yes it is genetic. But, fortunately, it doesn’t trouble so much if healthy diet is followed. Anyway, thanks a lot for the like.

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