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The term “holobiont” literally means the host living along with other species of bionts as a single entity, in other words, the interaction of the host with the microbiome. Since the evolution of living species including the human being, there has been a continuous evolution of this co-dependency of the host and microbiome interaction. It has become an integral part of our biology. The human as a holobiont not only restrict its function as the body’s natural defence mechanism called the immune system but also maintain the physiological processes like the energy metabolism, blood pressure control, glucose haemostasis, clotting risk factors and also adiposity. It can even influence our everyday habits and behaviour.


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The human microbiome intimate interaction normally maintains stable homeostasis which gives us stable health and wellbeing. Researches have increasingly recognized the human gut microbiota as the key area which mainly is responsible for this homeostasis and plays a decisive role in our overall health. But when there is any kind of disruption which crosses the resilient limits of the equilibrium or the homeostasis, the body goes into an alternative state of susceptibility, a pre-disease state which can lead to the development of chronic or inflammatory conditions.


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Another interesting fact is that since the time of evolution, there has been a continuous co-evolution of the interdependency of both the host and the microbiome. The microbiome has been transferred through the generations of humans, the ancestral lineage. In the natural state, there has been a series of mutation on the microbiome phenotypes in their adaptation to the continuous changes of the human habitat. There has been a constant change in the environmental conditions, dietary changes, behaviours, lifestyle changes which directly affect the interaction and adaptation of the microbiome colonies. Initially, the adaptations were quite smooth, and the mutations were usually beneficial for both the host (human) as well as the microbiome. But as the time passed by, due to the various environmental changes like in diet, sunlight, pollution, toxins, cosmetics, sedentary lifestyle, inculcating harmful habits, have lead to certain harmful mutations on the microbiota daily which not only disrupt the normal homeostasis but can lead to many chronic inflammatory conditions like obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel conditions, drug-resistant infections and a wide range of diseases including cancers.


Therefore, we, as human and as a holobiont need to take utmost measures to maintain this symbiotic relationship between us and the microbiome flora especially the gut microbiota. The better is the natural homeostasis, the equilibrium, the more is our stronger defence system and the better immune response of our body and lesser is the susceptibility to any diseases, chronic inflammation and infection including this present scare of a novel virus, Coronavirus.
Few simple measures that we can take on a day to day basis to maintain this normal homeostasis of the microbiota are :

1.Healthy nutrition.
2.The sleep of at least 8 hours a day.
3.Body movements like exercise, yoga, aerobics
4.Deep breathing exercises to calm down stress. (stress aggravates inflammation)
5.Meditation is important because it has immense benefits on both the mind and the body’s homeostasis.
6.Supplements from natural sources like aloe vera, turmeric (Curcumin), ginger, garlic, multivitamins so on.
7.Maintaining bodily hygiene.

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  2. What a great post! Reading this post, I realize that we’re not merely co-exist with nature, but, instead, an integral part of it.

  3. Fascinating information! We truly are tiny worlds walking around! I’m currently trying to be a better steward of my microbiome by increasing my intake of probiotics and just generally paying more attention to the signals it sends me.

  4. Great article Doc. Approaching illness from a perspective of wellness is a major shift our medical community needs to take.

    We are a complex, symbiotic organism that is reliant on those other or ask s to create the strength needed to realize our potential. I thought your article touched upon that concept well. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thank you for this information on our holobiont system. Amazing that we have such lively biome systems. This word holobiont is new to me. However, I heard first about the microbiome from my friends’ son, who was part of a project in California with Bioinformatics. Their goal was to create an online system that to make medical research available across the world more rapidly. Their focus was childhood cancer. From then on I read articles on microbiome. Your blog gives a handy summary and illustrations. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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