Trapped emotions: Time to let go! πŸ™Œ

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As a human being…

Everybody in this world has a deep longing for love and affection. From the new born to the older adult, everybody yearns the sense of belonging, love and compassion. Social acceptance, being valued, and recognition is longed for by one and all in the human community. Infact, we all deserve our inherent birthright of being loved, happiness, vitality, freedom, fearless and growth. So, then, from where does the negativity arise? A child being born is always happy and cheerful. It is the environment, caregivers, parents, teachers, elders, peers, and the competetive nature of this material world that pushes the child towards negativity, egoistic, pain, fear and unhappiness. These growing years, his interaction with the people around him, the environment that slowly programmed his subconscious mind with doubts, anxiety, worries, sadness, lacks and unhappiness. So, like you and me, every individual has grown up with our share of fear, limitations, and inadequacy.

Trapped emotions impact on physical health…
Within this paradigm of limitation and inadequacy in our subconscious mind, we move forward with the life journey. We are then, bombarded with challenges of day-to-day stress, relationship stress, work pressure, financial strain, and other constraints that affect our emotional health even more. Maybe, bad experiences, conflict with parents, loss of a closed one, heartbreak, deep trauma due to a failure, a toxic boss, rejection, and anger can all be overwhelming and add to our emotional baggage. We may think that emotions come and go. We can get over it, quickly or healed after some time. But, the truth is, certain emotions are’nt so superficial. Infact, it has a lasting impact on both our physical and mental health. Studies have shown that certain intense emotions get trapped in particular organs of our body. Like, anger gets trapped in the liver, while hurt, fear get trapped in the heart and so on. Ancient Ayurvedic science which is 5000 years old has rightly pointed out that too much of trapped emotions like anger, worry, chronic stress can create too much heat (Pitta) in the body which may affect the hameostasis and start creating physical illness. So, the emotional component is critical in the overall wellbeing. In reality, it is the emotional health and wellbeing that transcend physical health. Hence, the term disease means (dis-ease, absence of ease).


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Emotional health is crucial…

Fundamentally, our mind and body are designed to be in a state of growth, restore, repair and relax. Yes, in times of potential threat and danger, the body reacts to the survival mode of fight and flight response. But, then as evolutionary, the body naturally comes back to its state of homeostasis when the threat is gone. The parasympathetic mode’s natural restoration mechanism is greatly affected by the daily’s state of chronic stress, being on the run, and always being overwhelmed. Moreover, this everyday struggle within our emotional health of mental barriers, mindset, limitations, fears, and worries added to day-to-day stress. So, leading a healthy lifestyle and caring about physical fitness has not stopped people from falling sick. People follow the best possible diet, take their best supplements, and follow an exercise routine, yet they fall into various illnesses like chronic diseases, mental issues and autoimmune diseases. Now, it has become very crucial to consider emotional health, a priority before everthing else. Maybe, this is the most critical component in our path of mental, physical, spiritual wellbeing and being a successful person we all longed to be.

It is vital to slow down...
It is essential to annalyse our emotional and mental state daily, introspect at times, and slow down to understand what affects us the most. It is crucial to change the way we think, elevate our vibration, be in the positive mind space and overcome the mental barrier if we want to take charge of our mental and physical heath and wellbeing. As, for all of us, it is much easier said than done. But, indeed, we have to put some efforts on our own to make our life the way we want it to be. To take control of our physical and mental wellbeing and be in a happy, comfortable space that we all longed for.

Some ways that we can work towards for self-improvement:
1. Self-acceptance: Being aware and acceptance is an essential and fundamental change. Any circumstances, any issue or conflict that we are facing, in terms of physical or mental health, needs self-acceptance. Self-resisting, self-denial, result in more stress, conflict, and high cortisol release, which makes us unfavourable to heal or change. So, self-acceptance and being self-aware is an essential step towards change. It is necessary to accept, share with a closed one or a therapist and let go the emotional baggage. Sharing with somebody or writing down the emotions and thoughts helps us acknowledge them better and give ourselves time and space to change. Meditation and mindfullness practices also helps us in emotional growth.

2. Victimhood: Instead of living in victimhood mentality, or self-blaming, starting to explore ways and methods to be part of the healing process. Suppose, somebody is being affected by a physical or mental issue must be an integral part of the healing process. Taking responsibility and works towards healing instead of surrendering yourself fully in caregivers’ hands. It is crucial to actively partcipate in the healing process.

3. Self-compassion and patience: It is vital to approach onself with self-compassion. Being compassionate towards self, putting oneself in the right frame of mind dramatically counts. Because failing or falling is the very essence of human nature. Having faith in the Higher Power and a lot of patience is beneficial in the healing process. Because, like good times, adverse times, doesn’t last long too.

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  1. A very insightful writeup on ways to maintain emotional health as well as a good physique through healthy lifestyle & meditation! You have shared such valuable tips to a happy peaceful life!Thanks Juri 😁

  2. Wonderful. I believe emotional health is the foundation for all healing and health, the metaphysical reality needs to be looked at as the physical is the manifestation of the metaphysical illness. ❀

  3. Hope Heals in my
    My Most Desperate
    Place Shut-in Ill
    With 19 Medical
    Illnesses A Life
    With A
    Of No Recovery
    Where Doctors Gave
    Up And Just Told
    Me To Go Away
    We Have No

    Pill to
    Take The
    Worst Pain
    And Numb
    From Human

    All i Could
    Find is Folks
    Who Believed in

    No Higher Force
    Of Healing Within

    To Generate My
    Own Healing Light
    Within i Literally Wrote

    This Light

    Into My own
    Free Verse Poem

    Story Yes on
    My 53rd Birth
    Day i Wrote β€œVisiting
    The Garden of Band-Aid”
    On 6.6.13… 24 Hours
    With No Break
    All The Kind
    Words People
    Told Me In my
    Entire Life And

    Grief in Hopes
    Of Generating

    One Tear

    Of Healing


    Even Literally
    Linking The Definition
    Of Hope to All The
    Words of Gratitude…

    After Shut-in
    For 66 Months
    i Continued
    This Practice

    For 44 Days

    Yet The Passage
    Out of Pain And

    Numb Came
    When A FRiEnD

    Hurt me Enough
    To Actually Feel
    Deep Sadness


    The Same
    Day A New



    Me Up To

    A Place of

    Love Where

    A Tear



    And All The
    Pain And Numb


    Away For
    Males Who
    Are Taught
    From Young
    That Emotions
    Are Only For Girls
    And Mush Indeed




    A Lineage
    A Vicious
    Cycle of


    And Son Of β€˜Man’
    Who have Yet to


    To Even Be Human

    True Without

    Art Of HeART




    Is Toxic

    Patriarchy of

    He That Kills

    Soul of Healing All HeART

    Faith’s Love

    Truth of Healing

    HeART Loving

    Healing Life



    Soul Free 🎼 Now…πŸ¦‹

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