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Post: What does it mean to understand “self “? 5 understandings

Knowing oneself is the most important skill that we need to survive in this world. So, how is this sense of self-defined? Psychologically, “self” is defined as knowing his/her strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes and whatever traits, qualities, fears, desires, the person possess.

This sense of self is something that we develop over the years as we grow up. Depending on the environment, culture, values, thinking pattern that we grow to contribute to this sense of self. Therefore, self-awareness has been an interesting topic nowadays.

Self-awareness is the most basic, innate consciousness of our very own existence in this world. In fact, being self-aware helps not only to understand oneself but to understand other people’s perception, thoughts at the moment.

5 understandings for this sense of self:

1.Strong sense of self: Understanding “self” is very important as an individual because we are always under influence of other people, family members, co-workers, in society, social media (current times) and end number of sources. Therefore, having a strong sense of self, in spite of various influences, gives you clarity about your goals, purpose in life. It helps you maintain your self-esteem and confidence through your journey.

2.Realisation: Having a strong sense of self gives you a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Therefore, you can choose your life path better, be it in career, following your interest, passion.

3.Believing yourself: Having a strong sense of self also contribute to your self-belief. Believing yourself is important while performing any task. Even if you face failure number of times, believing in yourself will surely sail you to success. Your self-belief helps you overcome the criticism and discouragement, you face from others. Because, in this world, all kinds of people exist, some would always criticise you, in spite of your success or failure while a few do encourage and uplift you.

4.Boundaries: Knowing self is very important in today’s time. When and what to say “no” is an important aspect of being strong to your sense of “self”. Today’s time is full of distractions, demands, obligations, requests, persuasions, peer pressures which can even mislead or cause self-destruction. So having a strong sense of self, knowing your boundaries is not just very important but help you remain stick to your goals and ambitions in life.

5.Time for yourself: Appreciation your own sense of self, giving time yourself, not only help you to understand yourself better but also help you grow as an individual. Therefore spending some time alone is not only healthy but useful to acknowledge and respect yourself as an identity.