Post:What does a meaningful life mean ? 4 interesting views:

Each one of us has a different meaning about life. Some may give a materialistic meaning while some may think spiritually. Life is a journey through two realities, birth and death. Every day, a family celebrate the birth of a newborn while another family mourns the death of a member. So what is this life mean to us from this journey from birth to death? Maybe each one of us has a purpose, or a goal or some may have none and live life as each day as it comes.

We are quite aware that, with the physical entity, we do hold a powerful mind and a beautiful soul. So, the meaning of life cannot be limited to materialistic things and success, it has to have a deeper meaning. Psychologically, many studies and research are carried out in this area. Keeping aside the scientific approach, how, generally individual like us view life as meaningful?

4 interesting point of views. : These are not based on great personalities’ s quotes or any research-based. They are just general views/opinion of the common individual like us which are not judgemental.

1.Loving yourself and loving the people around you, especially your loved ones who give you a sense of belonging and safety. You keep working for them, providing emotional and materialistic support. You do frame some goals and purpose based on this love and keep thriving for it. For some, this becomes a meaningful life, as it gives you much satisfaction.

2.Some may have a bigger purpose. Some may view life as more meaningful by helping others in whatever ways they can. They live life with an open arm, willing to help whoever comes their way and in whatever means they can. They do it, not because of any gain, but it gives them a sense of fulfilment, the meaning of being alive.

3.Some work towards a purpose, a goal to bring about a change in human race, environment, or whichever aspects of life that appeals to them. They keep working hard towards this goal to bring about the change and make this world a better place than the one that they found it to be. Because of this purpose, make their life more meaningful and inspiring.

4.Some derive meaning to life by staying at the moment. Instead of thinking too much about the future or ruminating the past, staying at the moment gives them real meaningful life. Challenges, problems do come daily, tackling them daily make their life more interesting and meaningful to them. Instead of focusing on life purpose, they find more meaning in life by overcoming challenges daily.