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Post: 3 wonderful ways to look at it. While contributing to someone’s tough times.

We all go through tough times in the hustle of life. But those who stood by us during tough times make them very special in our life. I remember family and friends who stood by me during hard times. They always hold a special place in my heart.

Now when my turn comes, I love and am open to contribute and assist in someone’s life when their hard times hit. It not only gives solace and satisfaction in me but also can relate my own painful experience.

3 wonderful ways to look at it…

1.Contributing doesn’t mean donating money or financial help, but extending support and giving time to the person is most important. You start thinking about what more you can do to offer your help to the person. You shift your focus to that. Your own problems and setbacks seem very small at the present moment. This gives a powerful message to your subconscious mind that you are in gratitude and have an abundance. You get to feel inner joy and solace.

2.Though the material world is ruled by surviving selfish laws, contributing to someone’s life acknowledges us with our true humanly compassionate nature. Finding time, helping, supporting with our knowledge, expertise to overcome someone’s difficult time gives us a sense of fulfilment. Simply put, there is no better feeling than this.

3.While giving your time and support to someone’s life during tough times, you automatically give your mind the signal, that you have enough. Though you may not think that way, at that moment, it surely pervades your mind and gives you a sense of gratitude and appreciate the life you have.