Post: 7 Dangerous side effects of ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet is the most popular diet that is followed by thousands for losing weight and maintaining a lean body.

The simple physiology behind this diet plan is as the carbohydrate is cut down from the diet, the body start metabolising the stored fat for daily energy fuel to carry out activities. But in the process of ketosis, there are some serious potential dangers for the body to which many may not be aware of. See the link below 👇

Therefore, before following any kind of diet plan like Atkin, vegan ,paleo, Zone, south beach or raw food diet, it is important to understand the Gastrointestinal health like GI motility, intestinal permeability, test for enzyme deficiency or any existing detoxification abnormalities apart from food intolerence tests. Therefore expert supervision is highly recommended before following any kind of diet plan.